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Digital Advertising

While print and television advertising were long considered the two mainstays for companies to utilize when attempting to deliver a message to an audience, the dawn of the digital age has led to an increasing number of opportunities to advertise through several other mediums. Most people now carry mobile devices on which they are constantly checking emails, using apps, or watching entertainment.

Digital advertising is also known as online or internet advertising because it allows companies to use various online and internet mediums to advertise their products and services. In many cases, digital advertising helps businesses reach specific types of consumers they may have had difficulty reaching before.

Marketing Made Perfect provides digital media advertising services that are completely catered to each client’s specific needs. Our company can discuss your long-term goals and develop a digital strategy that will help you achieve them.

Types of Digital Services Marketing Made Perfect Provides

Digital media campaigns can differ in numerous areas, including the type of digital advertising a company wants to use. Some of the most common forms of digital ads generally include, but are not limited to:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — One of the most common (and effective) methods of online marketing involves companies paying to have their ads appear on top or alongside search results for certain keyword searches. SEM ads are typically sold on a pay per click (PPC) or cost per mille (CPM) basis. PPC simply means an advertiser is charged only when a person clicks the link in the advertisement. With CPM, mille is the Latin letter for 1,000, and the cost of the online advertisements is the cost per 1,000 impressions.

Display Ads — With a display ad, a company pays to have its advertisement appear in a certain section of another company’s website. The ads may be banners or simple text, but display ads can also allow in some cases for videos, flash, or popup ads

Native Advertising — With native advertising, a company may be able to have an ad featured in a space that appears more natural with the specified online space. Native ads might appear at the end of blog posts, in promoted listings, or in recommendation widgets, among other spaces.

Video Ads — A video can be an attractive option for a company that creates a short but effective presentation of its message. When placed in the most advantageous settings, people may be required to watch the videos as part of their web page viewing processes.

Audio Ads — Not all advertisements have to be visual, and audio ads are a tremendously effective way of reaching people who may be listening to local radio stations through mobile devices or streaming music services such as Spotify.

Email Marketing — For companies that have collected a sizable number of customer emails, email marketing can frequently be an inexpensive but effective method of communicating desired messages. An additional benefit of email marketing is that when done well, emails may be shared with other people.

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