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Outdoor Advertising

Any company hoping to increase brand awareness, sell products, or sign clients up for services could benefit from outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home or OOH advertising. For many clients, this form of advertising is prominent, memorable, and relatively inexpensive. Many business owners see a significant return on investment from their outdoor advertising efforts.

Marketing Made Perfect has extensive experience helping clients understand all the outdoor advertising options that are available and help them determine the method that benefits your company the most. Our company can help you understand all of your options and work with you to develop an ad that reaches a large number of people and creates many new customers.

Types of Outdoor Services Marketing Made Perfect Provides

Outdoor advertisements can include a wide range of possible mediums. Some of the most common kinds of outdoor ads include, but are not limited to:

  • Billboards — The standard size of most billboards is 14 feet high by 48 feet wide. Billboards are very large ads designed to be seen by people near busy roads or highways. A number of important considerations need to be taken into account when developing a billboard advertising campaign, including the number of billboards a company will use. Additionally, a business will want to limit the number of words it uses in order to maximize effectiveness and try to ensure that the photograph or message of the ad will be immediately memorable for all who see it.
  • Wrap Advertising — Numerous vehicles in multiple cities are available for wrap advertising, meaning that a company can have buses, taxis, or other vehicles wrapped in an advertisement for the business. The effect of such advertising is such that people who see the wrapped vehicles frequently search for more information about the company out of simple curiosity.
  • Point of Sale Displays — Also known as POS advertising, point-of-sale ads can be digital or physical. Some companies purchase physical displays in order to promote new products or discounted items. Digital displays, on the other hand, can offer opportunities for additional or increased sales because of possible interaction with the customers.
  • Street Items — An empty bench or even the pavement that the bench sits on could be available for possible advertisements. In particularly busy areas, businesses that invest in advertising on furniture or other fixtures of city streets are far more likely to be seen by a large number of people.
  • Signs or Posters — While not as large as billboards, simple signs or posters can still be effective ways for a company to communicate a message. For such advertisements, placement can be key in order to ensure that an ad is seen by as many people as possible.
  • Brochure Distribution — When a company wants to be sure that its ad is being seen, physically handing a person the advertisement provides that guarantee. Distributing brochures obviously requires having assistance to pass out the advertisements, but it also allows for a company’s representatives to discuss the service being offered by a business and answer all related questions.

Marketing Made Perfect can help you determine an advertising strategy involving one or more of these mediums that will work best for your business.

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