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Print Advertising

The impact of print advertising remains strong today, even as digital advertising increases in popularity. The benefits of print ads are numerous. For one, many print publications have built a reputation for high-quality, reliably-researched content that gives them a credibility that advertisers can leverage. Also, advertising in print captures an audience with a longer attention span, and often reaches the coveted “influentials” segment of the marketplace. Finally, studies like the one that Nielson Global Trust conducted show that print advertising drives action. They saw that 65% of print readers usually take some action after viewing an advertisement.

The team at Marketing Made Perfect knows how to help you optimize your efforts in print advertising. We know how to identify the right publications and what advertisements work to drive action. Our company will discuss your larger goals and help identify the kinds of publications that can help you reach the largest possible audience.

Types of Print Services Marketing Made Perfect Provides

Several different forms of media allow for print advertisements. The most popular mediums most frequently used for this purpose generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Newspapers — Virtually all cities in the United States have at least one daily newspaper. Advertising is a huge source of revenue for most daily newspapers, and companies can specify the section of a newspaper it wants its ad to run in if the business is trying to reach a specific audience. Some communities also have smaller publications that are usually free and available on a less regular basis.
  • Magazines — When a company has a certain demographic group in mind that it wants to reach with a print advertisement, magazines usually provide a more targeted audience than newspapers. Another bonus of magazines compared to newspapers is that ads typically appear in color rather than black and white.
  • Directories — The local yellow pages usually lists businesses located in its geographic area. Such directories also allow for companies to purchase print advertisements, which can often be a way for a business to appear in a more noticeable and memorable way than simply being listed among several competitors.
  • Brochures or Fliers — When advertising in print publications is too expensive, or there is a lack of local publishers, companies can simply create their own print publications in the form of brochures or fliers. Such print advertisements can be handed out to people on the street, thereby ensuring the message is being shared, or simply left in a location accessible to the public.
  • Business Cards — When a company does not have a specific message or announcement it is hoping to convey but instead just wants to raise awareness, simple business cards that provide basic contact information such as name, address, and phone number can still be remarkably effective. A creative logo or catchy slogan can also help in creating an impression.

Marketing Made Perfect can discuss your business’s needs in order to create a marketing strategy using one or more of these print advertising mediums.

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