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Radio Advertising

A 2017 Nielsen study revealed that AM/FM radio is the “top weekly reach medium,” reaching an even larger percentage of the population than televisions, personal computers, and mobile devices. While radio is being increasingly viewed as an antiquated medium, radio advertisements continue to provide a consistent return on investment for businesses.

The Nielsen research confirms that people are much more likely to take desired online and offline actions when they hear radio ads. According to the study, there was a 20 percent increase in store visits, a 75 percent increase in visits to store websites, and a 100 percent increase in products purchased from stores when people heard radio ads three or more times.

Marketing Made Perfect can help you develop a radio ad and pick the best possible station and market to utilize it for. Our company understands the cost concerns that many companies have when it comes to radio advertising and can develop a strategy that works with your budget.

Types of Radio Services Marketing Made Perfect Provides

In general, the two most common kinds of radio advertising are divided into the following:

  • Live Reads — With a live read, a personality for a radio station such as a disc jockey (DJ) will read an advertiser’s pre-written message on the air. In some cases, the personality may add their own personal insights or feelings about the company. With a live read, a business is effectively getting a sort of endorsement from the personality and the station that can dramatically change the listener’s appreciation of the services being offered.
  • Produced Spots — Commercial radio stations rely on advertisers buying airtime in order to create revenue. Unlike live reads, a produced spot is usually independent of any station or its personalities and allows the advertiser to create a custom jingle or other message. Produced spots are generally 30 seconds long, but some may be up to 60 seconds.

Multiple aspects of a radio ad campaign can impact the success of the campaign. One of the most important considerations concerns how frequently your advertisement will run.

In short, an ad played only once a week is far less likely to sink in and stay with a listener than an ad that is played several times a day. It is important to strike the right balance, however, as potential overplay of an advertisement risks being viewed as annoying and turning away potential customers.

Whether a company is considering a live read or a produced spot, it will want to also make sure that it invests considerable time and attention to the script being used for the ad.

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As a family-owned creative recruiting and marketing agency, Marketing Made Perfect works very closely with its clients in creating and finding the best possible outlets for radio ads. Our company knows how to gauge demand among radio advertisers and secure the best possible spots that will help your company reach its desired audience.

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