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TV Advertising

Marketing Made Perfect handles a wide variety of different TV campaigns, ranging from those with an intensely localized focus to campaigns with much broader intentions. Our company can help you fully understand all of the possible options that may be available to you and determine the avenue that could be the most advantageous.

A 2016 Nielsen study found that American adults spend more than five hours a day watching television. The times of day that people in certain age groups (or certain other groups of people who may be of like minds of your customers) are watching television can dramatically impact the effectiveness of a TV advertisement. Any business considering television advertising will want to make sure it is aware of it’s audience, when they will be watching, and what type of ads will be most likely to spur positive action.

That’s where the Television advertising professionals at Marketing Made Perfect can help. We have extensive experience helping clients just like you make the most of their advertising spend. We do this by formulating an aggressive strategy ahead of time, so your money is spent in a better, more efficient way, and you reach the prospective clients you want to reach.

Types of TV Ad Services Marketing Made Perfect Provides

The size and scope of your intended reach will play a large part in determining the method of TV advertising that could be most beneficial to you. Broadcast television advertising often reaches the largest possible audiences, but cable or satellite TV advertising can help businesses reach specific audiences.

We can help you understand how a TV audience is segmented and what their usage habits are. Furthermore, we can help develop your message to advertise on a local, regional, or national scale.Similarly, syndicated TV advertising also allows for very focused target audiences. Some companies can also make use of remnant advertising, which allows for companies to get airtime during spaces of unsold ad time for less than usual.

Cost-effectiveness is extremely important to all companies considering TV campaigns. Marketing Made Perfect will provide a rigorous analysis of a TV advertisement’s reach and impact.

It is important to keep in mind that television programming is being dramatically changed. As more people are “cutting the cord,” or dropping expensive cable plans, companies want to know that TV advertising is still reaching those who are now using streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire, Chromecast, or Roku.

People watching TV programs through a digital video recording (DVR) device or system will usually fast-forward through commercials, thus negating the impact of such advertisements. Any company investing in a television advertisement will want to avoid this risk.

Another recent development has been the number of people who may be watching TV programming through their tablet, cell phone, or another mobile device. A business will again want to ensure that its advertisement is also reaching this audience—or maybe only this audience.

All TV advertising plans need to be fully evaluated for the many different complicating factors in order to ensure they are as effective as possible. Marketing Made Perfect knows how complex many of these issues can be for the average business owner, which is why we provide thorough assistance throughout the entire TV ad buying process.

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